Artist’s Statement:


I enjoy the meditative qualities of creating mosaic art, but I am also drawn to the great versatility and challenges of the medium.  I tend to create a story for each of the mosaics that I create — a story that is written in my mind as the creation progresses.  Much of my work is abstract or surreal in nature, but I also create semi-representational art.  I tend toward ambiguity in my pieces, and I enjoy it when folks share their personal reactions to my creations. 

 Glass has great appeal for me because its reflectivity changes depending upon the lighting and the angle of viewing.  Different glass has different reflective qualities, and the challenge is to find the most effective combinations.   I use an assortment of materials, analogous in some ways to the pallet of a traditional canvas artist.    The combinations of colors and textures of glass can spark my creative process, along with the shapes that I can create.  

 Science and the natural world is a starting point for many of my mosaics, although I often take reality and tweak it.  I enjoy interjecting humor into my work, and I sometimes try to come up with playful titles.  I also may use this medium to make serious comments on our world or the environment, and I pay attention to the emotional content and work to elicit certain feelings. 

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 Jane Russell is a native Californian and a retired school psychologist.  She has spent the majority of her life living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She spends her time making mosaics, enjoying family and friends, and taking in the beauty and culture of the Bay Area.  

Jane first publicly exhibited her work at Burning Man 2013 and her “Fire Dance” mosaic was subsequently featured at the Burning Man headquarters in San Francisco.

 Jane’s training in psychology explains her delight while observing reactions to her work – she views her mosaics as a sort of playful “ink blot” test.   She appreciates the patience required when creating mosaics, finding the process somewhat meditative.

Jane  has exhibited her work in California at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley; Snapshot Mosaics in Oakland; Diablo Fine Art Gallery in Walnut  Creek; Martinez Gallery in Martinez, and currently has selected work at the Placerville Art Gallery, 352 Main Street, Placerville, California.  

Jane was honored to have two of her mosaics selected for inclusion in the juried Contemporary Mosaic Artists Summit Exhibition in Ashland, Oregon in 2016.  

One of her mosaics was selected to be included in the 2017 Left Coast Juried Exhibition at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, California.

Jane currently lives with her husband in Pleasant Hill, California.